Digital Skills to Learn right now in 2022

It is pivotal to learn digital skills in 2022 if you intend to work remotely, earn more money, and boost your chances of getting employed in the labour market.

digital skills to learn now

Digitization has taken over a large portion of the global economy as such, the internet has become one of the fastest ways to earn if equipped with the right skills. We present to you a few digital skills that will prove to be helpful in the long run in the digital market and some sites where you can acquire these digital skills to learn in 2022 and gain certification in them.

Digital Skills to Learn right now


Currently, podcasting is an effective digital skill to learn in 2022. It can be a passive income stream or a full-time earning medium. Hosting podcasts can fetch you cash if it is well-planned. You must know your niche to attract the right audience. Podcasters with a stable audience earn money through Ads and sponsorships, donations, and selling branded items(t-shirts, caps). They also earn through public speaking based on your kind of content. You can start a podcast using Anchor and Canva Apps on your smartphone. Learn how to do that on Pod Sound School.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a digital skill to learn in 2022 if you enjoy writing. Email marketing entails providing essential information to your audience that would help them achieve and do better in their respective careers. It is different from spam messages; they add value to your audience. As an Email marketer, you promote digital or physical products that belong to you or a third party. Such merchandises are online courses, eBooks, training guides, memberships, and others. you can start your email marking journey and start building your email list with a service like Mailchimp

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UI/UX Design

Creating software projects to aid user experience is an essential digital skill to learn in 2022. As a UX/UI designer, you create product designs that a user finds easy and fun to use, this is done by creating these products/services with the user's needs and aesthetic preferences in mind.Earning money with this skill is quite easy if you build your brand by sampling your designs online.  Also, finding clients on freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork can earn you lots of money especially if your mastery is of great quality. You can create a blog, course, and eBooks for sale, consistency and great quality are essential.

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If you have a knack for writing persuasive content, then you should consider copywriting as one of the digital skills to learn in 2022. Copywriting calls the attention of buyers to products, the benefits of the products, and a call-to-action on the part of the potential buyer.Copywriters can earn money by working with advertising companies or as freelancers for brands to boost the sale of their products. Moreover, with this skill, your digital and physical commodities are sure to have a push in the right direction. This skill is also essential for Email marketing.

Digital Marketing

This is a form of marketing that focuses on marketing products to people digitally. It is a pivotal digital skill to learn in 2022 because it leverages social media platforms, search engines, and Emails. Digital marketers can focus on all or one type of digital marketing such as Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing amongst others. However, engaging the different types of digital marketing would prove to be more effective. With this skill, you can drive traffic to sites, boost sales of products, and further gain insights into the needs of customers.

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Graphics Design

According to Gareth David Studio, Graphic Design is "The organization and presentation of information developed through a creative process for a particular function." This implies that graphic design fulfills a definite idea by using a combination of visual elements to express this idea. It has become a digital skill to learn in 2022 and even before now for advertising, branding, educational purposes, and packaging amongst others.

Professional C.V Writing

This is an essential digital skill to learn in 2022 if you seek to boost your chances of employment in the labour market. It is a much-needed skill extremely required for AI vetting. As job seekers are on the increase with little or no skill in writing their resumes, the capabilities of a professional C.V writer wouldn't go unnoticed. Professional C.V writers also double as recruiters and can earn more by creating eBooks and courses on how to write credible C.Vs.


For one to excel in these skills–practice, consistency, and learning are required. A few sites that provide free and paid courses along with certifications include Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, Alison, Standford Online, and Harvard Extension.These are a few of the numerous digital skills to learn in 2022 if one must transcend with the times and remain relevant in this era of digitization.


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