Choices: Stories You Play

You're never bored with Choices; you choose how you tell your story.

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the game

You would agree with me that it is exhilarating to have control over decisions concerning you. Now think of how cool it is to have such control over your choices in games; I bet it's the coolest thing ever in the world of games – simulation games.

Thankfully, game makers are beginning to follow this path of making simulation games that fit into our daily lives. One of my favorites is "Choices: Stories You Play" from Pixelberry studios.

The choices simulation game gives the player the satisfaction of being in control. It features different books which are segmented into chapters and diverse storylines but are not limited to romance, horror, and mystery.


In-app Purchases

Keys and Diamonds can be purchased for an amount. Also, you can become a VIP member by subscription per month. This gives you access to unlimited keys, 10 diamonds as a daily login bonus, bonus chapters, and VIP books(unavailable to free users).

The How


I enjoyed every bit of the choices simulation game, I got addicted when I started newly. I like the idea of customization of the avatar's looks and even sexuality. The choices you make in the game affect your relationship with other avatars. In some cases, you get limited time to make decisions depending on how urgent the situation demands; it's quite exciting.


Overall, it's a thrilling experience and would be even better if they worked on the maximum number of keys and time duration till it's replaced.

I recommend the choices simulation game to lovers of simulation games seeking a way to escape boredom and work stress.


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