5 best Football Live Score and Prediction Analysing Apps

These are the top 5 football Live score and prediction analyzing apps that I have personally tested and found out to be the very best of what there is to offer

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We will be looking at the top 5 football Live score and prediction analyzing apps that we have personally tested and found out to be the very best of what there is to offer in terms of football game predicting and reporting.

Good day everyone and welcome to a detailed football Live score and match predicting apps review.


Betting is not a business, it's not an investment. So please bet responsibly. and the content posted here are not liable for any loss or losses or damages that you may incur for using any of these apps that will be posted below.

What these football reporting apps have in common are:

They all report live matches.They have the option of customizing matches according to time of play, leagues, or country.Option to sync your activities through login.They all have the option of displaying individual match statistics.

In the other of quality, analysis, and reporting and user interface, in the order of best [top] to average [bottom].

  1. Tips Alliance Betting Tips
  2. All goals
  3. Sofa score
  4. Pro tips
  5. Betmines

Tips Alliance Betting Tips

tips alliance betting tips

Tips Alliance [Now Sonic AI Prediction] is number one on our list of the top 5 football Live score and prediction analyzing apps. Let's see why that is the case on the listed features below.

  • Bet Creator
  • Odds are permanently calculated
  • Advance prediction option
  • My tickets

Bet Creator

This is by far the most interesting aspect of Tips Alliance, you have the option of randomly generating football games with specific odds and possible gaming outcomes. This almost eradicates the stress of picking games single-handedly, as the option to generate bets is now available.

 Odds Are permanently calculated

The odds of the outcome of the game are always there even after the game. Unlike some analyzing apps where the odds disappear after the game ends. i.e all goals.

Advance Prediction Option

A click on a specific game reveals the details and stats of the game. Even to their possible outcome percentage and final prediction.

My tickets

This option saves generated bets and allows you to follow up with the outcome just like a bet placed.

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All goals

all goals hero

As an upcoming football predictor or new to the betting system and how it works. All goals will be my number 1 suggestion to you. All goals provide live updates to most of the matches and also give you an opportunity to follow other users of all goals and also be able to see their predictions. These and more make all goals the number 2 on our list of the top 5 football Live score and prediction analyzing app

Some features of All goals

  • Tier
  • Points


After creating an account with all goals, you are given free 500 points which leaves you an additional 500points short of being in the bronze tier.The tier feature is both good and bad. Good because it helps you measure your prediction skills over time.

Bad because if your ranking is bronze or silver tier, you can't see the prediction of a diamond or platinum tier predictor until the match has ended. This can be frustrating if you are relying on certain predictions from a particular user before placing a bet.


When you predict correctly the outcome of a match (1 X 2), you are rewarded with the exact odds from other betting sites which are converted to points and sent to your account.

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sofacore hero

Just like the name sounds. SofaScores has the score to every football game that has played, will play or is playing. If you can't find the match or its details on the sofa score, be rest assured; that game never happened.

SofaScore is pretty straight to the footballing point, with no added features of engagement. Though it does support prediction and sync, that is just it. No special feature.

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Pro Tips

pro tips hero

At a point, you realize you need these apps to get a complete football analyzing and predicting experience. Here is why I say that: Pro tips at a glance give you the opponent's standings on their local leagues, without the need to dig deep, you already have an important betting tip at your disposal.

Unfortunately, pro tips do not allow you to predict games or have a place you can store your predictions, so even if you do have a good analyzer in pro tips, you can't fully rely on it for a complete experience. Did I mention it also has one of the best interfaces of the previous apps?

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bet mine hero

Here is the catch, if you are not a pro in the betting industry, don't touch betmines. Betmines is more of a prediction platform than an analysis.

Betmines would give you games based on the percentage and Prediction of other users and most times that is not often as it was reported. So to be able to decipher the gem in betmines you need to have used the previous four predicting apps to have a solid base on how each football team works before venturing into the complex world of betmines.

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There you have it, our list of the top 5 football Live score and prediction analyzing app

This is a scratch on the surfaces of each of these apps, I had a full detail and write-up on these apps. It took hours of trimming just to ensure it was concise and not a tiring read. But I want an opportunity to show you what I had initially planned. So would you like a more detailing review of these apps individually? Let us know by leaving a mention on our Twitter page here. Do you find this post informative? If yes, kindly subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter and other platforms so you never miss a thing.

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