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Best Android smartphones to buy right now in Nigeria (July 2022)

Our top picks for the best android phones include Samsung, Tecno, Xiaomi, Infinix, and Oppo, which have been consistent when it comes to putting out top-notch smartphones.

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samsung a73

it's 2022 and the choice of phones available before now can not be compared to what is in circulation at the moment because there is a constant reinvention. Choosing an Apple iPhone device for purchase is much easier as they are from the same source with just slight differences to improve their products — However, The same can't be said of the Android devices; there are varieties ranging from their manufacturing brands, specifications, and an important determinant factor which is the pricing.

Smartphones are 'lifesavers' but that's only applicable if you get the right one for your need. It's even tougher when you have no idea about the phone's specifications to help you choose right.

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However, allroundreview is here to bridge that gap as we bring to you the best android smartphones that are budget-friendly, reliable, and concurrent.

The best Android smartphones in Nigeria

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Overall, anyone looking to buy a smartphone that would be durable, satisfactory, and convenient should consider one from our list of the best android phones in Nigeria, as they're amongst the best currently. Did we miss any of your top picks or do you have different options? Let us know in the comments and chat about them.

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