Best Android 13 ROMs for Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro/MI 9T Pro

We compiled the list of android 13 custom ROMs available for the Xiaomi Redmi k20 pro and Mi 9t pro.

redmi k20 pro red rare

Some Xiaomi devices have developer supports that are too good to be true — Imagine your 3 years old beast running a buttery smooth latest Android 13.0 ROM with the latest security patch. The Redmi K20 Pro and Mi 9t Pro are one of the Xiaomi devices that still got one of the best developer support with timely updates.

Let us take a walk along some of the best early Android 13 ROMs out there for the Redmi K20 Pro and Mi 9t Pro — the ROMs listed below are currently in the beta stage but they are stable for daily use.

Pixel Experience (Android 13.0 Beta)

The Pixel Experience (PE) has been around for a while and its mission is to offer stability and maximum security along with useful features. It is an AOSP-based ROM with Pixel goodies including a launcher, boot animation, icons, wallpapers, etc…

PixysOS V6.0 (Android 13.0 Beta)

PixysOS is an aftermarket firmware based on the Android Open Source Project. It is packed with a combination of lightweight, simple and minimalistic design, it contains handpicked features that can improve the everyday performance of your device and push the limits of overall user experience.

SparkOS v13.1 (Android 13)

SparkOS is an Android Open Source Project based ROM with customizations and smoothness. It is always up to date with AOSP by including the latest security patches as soon as they are released. This ROM is keen on stability and it balances stability with performance while offering features that make our everyday use of android easier for an overall better experience. The code is open source so everyone can see everything that is behind the zip file.

How to flash Android 13 custom ROMs on Redmi K20 Pro/MI 9T Pro

The flashing instruction is the same for all ROM, make sure to download the correct files and the correct OrangeFox recovery zip for the ROM of your choice in this post. You need to update your firmware to Xiaomi’s Android 11. Download the firmware HERE

All above ROMs use version 1 of the File-Based Encryption (FBEv1), so you must flash the OrangeFox recovery provided in this post before you flash ROM.

Your device will now boot to the new Android 13 ROM.



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