Best Android 13 Custom ROM for OnePlus 7 Series

We bring to you the best Android 13 custom ROMs available for OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7t, and OnePlus 7t Pro.

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Recently, OnePlus released its stable OxygenOS 12 build for the 7 series and this brings about the predicted end of the official support for the device. Don’t worry, we are pleased to inform you that your device won’t have to be stuck with that, so if you love to continue the android journey with future updates and the latest security patch via custom ROMs on your OnePlus 7, 7pro, 7t and 7t pro see below, 3 of the best unified android 13 custom ROMs for the OnePlus 7 Series smartphones.

The OnePlus 7 Series comprises the;

  1. OnePlus 7 (GuacamoleB)
  2. OnePlus 7Pro (Guacamole)
  3. OnePlus 7T (HotdogB)
  4. OnePlus 7TPro (Hotdog)


We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead UFS, thermonuclear war, job loss due to an unresponsive alarm, and whatsoever may happen to your device if anything goes wrong. Proceed only if you know what you are doing and it is at your own risk.

Available Android 13 Custom ROMs for Oneplus 7 Series

YAAP (Yet Another Android open source Project)

YAAP is based on the Android Open Source Project with carefully selected extra features which offer a clean interface, without cherry-picked mess from other ROMs and it is the closest to original AOSP in design. It is a project founded by Adhitya Mohan and


With crDroid you get lots of customization options not compromising on performance or security.Status Bar & Quick SettingsCustomize what icons you see as well as effects and number of QS rows and columnsLock ScreenYour lockscreen is what your friends will see first, so impress them from the beginningUser InterfaceYour phone, your style... Set dark mode on or off and choose your colorsMiscellaneousGame mode, smart charging, pocket detection, yes you can customize that also.Designed by Lup Gabriel and his team.

Pixel Experience

PixelExperience is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, bootanimation).Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security, along with essential and useful features for the proper functioning of the device.We are a community-driven open source project, so we have no affiliation with Google LLC company. By jhenrique09

How to Flash Custom ROM on OnePlus 7 Series

The flashing instructions below work for the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro as well as the OnePlus 7t and 7t Pro.Make sure you have OOS11 installed on your device and you have an unlocked bootloader. If you currently have OOS12 installed, you have to downgrade your device to OOS11

  • Download the latest Android 13 ROM of your choice from the list above (ROM is provisioned with gapps so no need to download gapps separately)
  • Download the Boot Image
  • Copy the ROM zip and boot.img files into the platform-tools directory on your PC
  • Connect your device with an unlocked bootloader to your PC. If your bootloader is locked, watch this video
  • Open a terminal from inside the platform-tools directory where the ROM and boot image files are saved and type the command ADB reboot bootloader then press enter. Your device should now boot to fast boot mode. if it doesn’t, see this video to set up ADB drivers.
  • Now that your device is in fastboot mode, type the command fastboot flash boot then drag the boot.img into the terminal window, click on the terminal window to make it active then press enter. This will send the boot. img to the device and flash it into the boot partition of the device. Alternatively, you can type the command fastboot flash boot boot.img and press enter but make sure that you replace “boot.img” in the command with whatever you rename the boot image file to.
  • Now that the boot image has been flashed successfully, type the command fastboot reboot recovery to boot the device into recovery mode. In recovery mode, select Apply update then Apply from ADB when this is done on the device, type the command ADB sideload Make sure to replace “” in the command with the exact name of the ROM zip file inside your platform-tools folder or just drag and drop the zip file into the terminal window then click the terminal window to make it active then press enter to sideload the ROM. After a while, the ROM will be installed on your device and you can now boot up to the smooth YAAP ROM based on the latest Android 13.

Feel free to use the comments section if you have any questions or requests regarding this post. I will update the post when I have tested more stable ROMs and the download links will be updated every time the ROMs get an update from the devs.


  1. Adhitya Mohan {YAAP}
  2. Ido Ben-Hur {YAAP}
  3. Gotenksin {YAAP}
  4. Jhenrique09 {Pixel Experience}
  5. Lup Gabriel {crDroid}

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