Apple Apologizes for Controversial iPad Pro Ad

Apple launched the iPad Pro (2024) at its 'Let Loose' launch event on May 7

apple launched the ipad pro 2024
Photo Credit: Apple

Two days after and the ad has racked up to 1.6M views on YouTube, Apple has issued an apology for its iPad Pro advertisement that was criticized for being tone-deaf. The ad, which was part of the company’s “Let Loose” event, depicted various creative tools and musical instruments being crushed by a hydraulic press. This was meant to showcase the iPad Pro as a superior alternative for creative expression.

However, the ad did not sit well with the audience, particularly creatives who felt their craft was being undermined by technology. The backlash was swift and widespread, with criticisms highlighting the insensitivity of the ad towards the creative community, especially in an era where generative AI is seen as a threat to creative jobs.

Apple acknowledged the misstep, stating that they “missed the mark” with the video and emphasizing that creativity is at the core of their brand’s DNA. The company expressed its commitment to empowering creatives around the world and clarified that the intention was to celebrate the different ways the iPad can be used for creativity.

The apology comes after notable figures, including actor Hugh Grant and US filmmaker Justine Bateman, voiced their disapproval of the ad’s message. The controversy has sparked a conversation about the role of technology in the arts and the importance of respecting traditional creative tools.

As Apple retracts the ad and reflects on the feedback, the ad is still very active on their YouTube channel and currently sits at 1.6M views as of today.


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