AnyVerify Selling NIN, BVN and Others For N100: Group Raises Alarm

bvn and nin

In a shocking revelation, Paradigm Initiative has uncovered a website called that sells Nigerians' sensitive personal data. The data being peddled includes National Identity Numbers (NIN), Bank Verification Numbers (BVN), driver’s licenses, and phone numbers. Even more concerning is the fact that this information is available for purchase at an unbelievably low cost—just N100 per request.

Three months ago, FIJ exposed a private website called XpressVerify, selling Nigerian identification data. The website had access to the personal data of Nigerian citizens and was commercializing it for personal gain. Although XpressVerify was quickly taken down, Paradigm Initiative (PIN) is currently seeking legal redress on behalf of Nigerians. Now, in a shocking revelation, another actor— has emerged, engaging in the same unethical practice. This alarming development poses a major breach of privacy rights and significant risks to individuals and the national economy. The situation demands urgent attention and action to protect citizens’ data and privacy

What You Need to Know:

  1. This website has been operating under the radar, allowing users to access personal data without proper authorization. The implications of such unauthorized access are far-reaching, affecting individuals’ privacy rights and potentially compromising financial security.
  2. Risk to Privacy: With NINs, BVNs, and other personal details up for sale, Nigerians face a significant risk of identity theft, fraud, and privacy violations. The sale of this data undermines citizens’ trust in Nigeria’s data protection systems.
  3. National Economy Impact: Beyond individual privacy concerns, the unauthorized sale of personal data can harm the national economy. It opens the door to fraudulent activities, financial scams, and cybercrime, affecting businesses, financial institutions, and government agencies.

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