Android 15 Could Bring Video Stabilization To All Third-party Apps

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For decades, Android has restricted third-party applications from gaining complete API access to the camera. This restriction is a key factor why applications such as Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook often produce higher quality images and videos on iOS devices. Android 15 is set to enhance the video recording capabilities of mobile devices with a new feature aimed at third-party camera applications. The update includes a new API called Eyes Free videography, which will improve video stabilization by allowing the camera to lock and stabilize a specific region or object within the video frame.

The Eyes Free videography feature is a tool for social media content creators who rely on third-party apps for their unique features and controls. With this update, these apps could offer stabilization that rivals or exceeds that of the stock camera app, which has traditionally had better stabilization due to its integration with the device’s hardware and algorithms.

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Android 15 Settings

Users will be able to enable camera extensions in Android 15’s settings, allowing them to take advantage of the Eyes Free videography feature even if their device manufacturer does not support it natively. This flexibility underscores Android’s commitment to providing a customizable user experience.

For developers, the new API means they can incorporate advanced video stabilization into their camera apps without needing to develop complex algorithms or integrate with hardware. This could lead to increased popularity of third-party camera apps among users seeking better video capabilities.

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Most modern devices come equipped with an Image Signal Processor (ISP) and a camera pipeline that supports basic video stabilization across all camera applications. However, more sophisticated stabilization methods, like those offered by the Eyes Free videography extension, are not as straightforward to implement. Third-party developers often struggle to create a universal solution for advanced camera features such as night mode, High Dynamic Range (HDR), and bokeh effects that match the quality of the native camera app on various Android devices.

To address this challenge, the Camera2 extensions API was introduced. This API aims to equalize opportunities for third-party camera apps by providing them access to the same advanced algorithms for night mode, HDR, bokeh, and more, which are typically exclusive to the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM’s) stock camera app. With the release of Android 15, the range of available extensions has expanded to include the new Eyes Free videography extension. It is anticipated that OEMs will adopt this extension to enhance the video capturing capabilities of third-party camera apps.


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