AIMP: Android music player with premium features.

A well made music player with unbelievable features at no cost.

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When you talk about android music players, it’s difficult to ignore poweramp for designs and neutron for that professional audio tweak.

The main problem is, the above music players cost money, going by the current economic standards. They cost a lot.

With Aimp, you are getting almost all the perks of poweramp and more, then a few premium audio tweaks you can only find on neutron music player.

This is going to be an extensive review, let’s provide you with the table of content.

Intro to Aimp.

I have been using Aimp music player for over a month now. And I find it amazing that it’s free yet without a single ad or limitation to its feature access.

From the Google Play Store listing, Aimp was launched in 2014, with over 10,000,000 downloads.

The developer of the Aimp music player is Artem Izmaylov, from his name and the default language of the theme store, I believe he is Russian.

The last update of the App came in May 2021. But the developer is very active in answering questions from users about Aimp on the play store.

I have always ignored this music player whenever I visit the Google play store in the past few years. Until recently.

Features of Aimp.

For a free music player, Aimp has all the bells and whistles of a premium music player.


This is where Aimp music player displays its creativity.

Audio: The audio system of Aimp music player provides you with options to tweak the audio balance of your music output to mono or stereo.

You can also edit the cross-fade time in and out. It gets even more exciting as you can choose different timing for automatic and manual cross-fade of tracks.

The 29 band equalizer gives you the option of rendering your songs in a preferred output. You can either use predefined presets like jazz, bass, or metal, or you can edit it yourself.

Though there is an online radio on Aimp music player, I didn’t have the opportunity to test it out before publishing this post.

There are multiple options to control the music player from your wired or wirelessly connected earphones or other devices.

Appearance: This is where the limitations completely fall off. Aimp music player provides you with deep customization that allows you to take your creativity or preference to a height not possible on other music players paid or free.

For instance, there are options on the music player settings page that allows you to switch the player appearance from tab, mobile, to pc; irrespective of the theme you choose.

Also, you can choose to make the icons and fonts of the interface bolder or smaller depending on your preference, and yes this also is not limited to the theme of choice.

Theme store: The theme of Aimp is preloaded with themes from different users around the globe.

The theme store of Aimp music player is outside the music app on the web.

I suspect the traffic from the web is how the developer of Aimp is able to manage the app without ads or limit certain features of the app for premium users. Genius moves if this is the case.

To locate the skin store of Aimp. Open the music player >> click the top left corner with three vertical lines (for those using the default ‘charm theme’) >> interface >> skin >> down left, click the download more option.

You will be redirected to the skin store on the Web. You can switch the default language of the skin store from Russian to English.

After downloading the skins you want. Come back to the themes section. Click the + sign on the top right, locate the folder you downloaded the skin to and click okay.

The newly added skins will be available for you to apply now.

After applying most skins, these skins have options to change the skins even further with provisions for themes that give you options for a dark, light, or grey appearance.

Note: This option is limited to certain skins.

Accent: You can tailor the music player to render every aspect of its write-up and icons to a specific color.

Layout: as mentioned before, you can choose to render any skin to either tab, mobile, or pc layout depending on your preference.

Scale: you can make icons and fonts on the music player smaller or bigger depending on your choice, which makes the music player idea for easy use for those with impaired vision.

Multi-Extention Playlist support: If you are coming from Playerpro, Gonemad, poweramp, or neutron music player. You will already know these players' default playlist support is the M3U8.

Luckily, Aimp also supports this popular music player playlist and more.

To get your preferred playlist from your previous player. All you have to do is import *playlist*.

Viola, it's like you never left, only now you get to enjoy music as you want.


This option provides you with notification panel control. Hide or allow the top notification bar on your phone to appear.

You also get the option of either allowing your phone’s system to choose the language of Aimp or selecting a different one for it yourself.

Other than the dark mode support for some themes, you can set the music player to render in dark mode or normal mode.

There is an added option to allow a timely switch from dark to normal mode for specific times.

There is numerous customization available on the settings page and I urge you to test them all.


Sometimes the best things are expensive, inaccessible, or just not worth it. But with Aimp you are getting everything you desire in a music player in one small package of less than 20MB.

No ads, and also free. Amazing, best value for no money you will ever get from a music player, is what Aimp is offering.


Despite the occasional stroll through the Google play store, I often end up not downloading Aimp for fear of disappointment.

This all changed when a nairalander [Jayboi] brought the music player to the discussion table, and I just had to try it. Best decision I have made so far as regards music players.

Big thanks to sir Oloyede and Matrix for the continuous and tireless investment in Allroundreview, we all see you.


Aimp music player is currently the best free music player, thanks to its fully packed premium features. No more words.

Until the next one, ZesusHV here, do have a marvelous day ahead.


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